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Asanti Wheels 2011

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Concave Wheels
Asanti Concave CX-501 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-501 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-502 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-503 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-504 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-505 Wheels 
Asanti Concave CX-506 Wheels 

V-Axis Wheels
Asanti V-Axis VF-600 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-601 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-602 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-603 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-604 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-605 Wheels 
Asanti V-Axis VF-606 Wheels 

22 inch Asanti Forged Series 
24 inch Asanti Forged Wheels 
Asanti Alligator Rims 
Asanti Luxury Grille Kit 
Asanti Wheels for Your BMW 
Asanti Wheels for Your Camaro 
Asanti Wheels for Your Mercedes Benz 
New Asanti D/A Deep Axis Wheels 
Asanti Wheels builds, custom wheels,
chrome wheels, truck wheels, custom
truck wheels, custom car wheels, BMW
wheels, Mercedes Benz wheels and
Asanti Wheels.
Asanti also builds custom grilles,
forged wheels and Audi wheels.

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Asanti AF1 Monoblock 118 Liquid Carbon w/Red
AF1 Monoblock 118 Liq. Carbon w/Red
19" ~ 20" Staggered Fitment
Asanti AF1 Monoblock 164 2-Tone Brushed and Black
AF1 Monoblock 164 Brushed and Black
19" ~ 20" Staggered Fitment
Asanti AF1 Monoblock Slate Brushed and Black
AF1 Monoblock Slate Brushed and Black
19" ~ 20" Staggered Fitment

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Asanti Wheels 2011

Los Angeles Lakers Wheel
Los Angeles Lakers Wheel
The Asanti Luxury Wheels collection is the finest selection of custom alloy wheels available.
Asanti wheels lead the industry in craftmanship, appearance and innovation. Asanti wheels
are custom built to your vehicle specifications for fit perfection. innovation. No other brand
generates the asthetic appeal when you see your vehicle on Asanti rims. Not for everyone,
Asanti rims cater to an elite selective crowd that demand the best in their world. Whether
you own a luxury vehicle, an exotic sports car, a classic muscle car, crossover or SUV,
Asanti has a syle to suite your taste and enhance your vehicles appearance. Asanti wheels
will give you the image and feeling that you own something of value that will last a long time.
Asanti Luxury Alloy Wheels will blow your mind. Order your new Asanti custom rims now from
Wayne's Wheels, the best place to buy Asanti luxury wheels, from qualified experts who know
what you want and how you want your ride to look. Asanti Wheels, custom wheels with class
and beauty.
If you want custom wheels for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi or if you need the most spectacular looking
Asanti rims for your truck, or if you want an awesome custom grilles, call now for the best discount Asanti Wheels.

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