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Billet Specialties Custom Wheels

Billet Specialties GTP47
Billet Specialties GTP47
Billet Specialties is one of the most recognized names in the Hot Rod industry. With 90 plus wheel styles, Billet Specialties has the most diverse product line in the industry and is growing every day. No other billet wheel manufacturer can make that claim. Billet Specialties have been delivering the most innovative wheels to automotive enthusiasts since 1985.

Billets Specialties quality control practices are unrivaled. Every piece is inspected for fit and finish in each phase of production. This equates to quality assurance at 5 to 6 process points before final inspection. Strict quality control and precision machining insure a flawless product time after time.

Youll agree that Billet Specialties is a clear choice for your billet wheel needs. Please contact Waynes Wheels for more information on Billet Specialties custom wheels.

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