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Check out New Asanti Black Label Wheels & White Diamond Wheels
20x8.5 WD-3195
White Custom Wheels
$599 set!
White Diamond 3195 White Machined

Chevrolet Silverado Custom Wheels

Chevy Silverado on American Racing AR890 Black
Chevy Silverado on American Racing AR890 Black
26 in. Giovanna Caracas Matte Black >>> $2995 set
26" Giovanna Caracas Matte Black
$2899 set
26" Giovanna Caracus
Matte Black Wheels
26x10 ~ 6x139.7 ~ POS 20mm offset
easy maintenance ~ matte black finish
$2899 set!
26x10 Giovanna Caracas matte black finish! Quantities are limited.
Pricing & availabliity is subject to change without notice.
Tires, lug nuts, shipping & handling extra.
Ask about our complete performance wheel and tire packages.
Wheel appearance may differ from image shown.
Complete tire & wheel package only $3899!

Chevy Silverado 22 Rims

22x9.5 Chrome Wheels 6x139.7 +13mm offset
22x9.5 Chrome Wheels 6x139.7 +13mm offset
22x9.5 Chrome Wheels 6x139.7 +13mm offset
22x9.5 Creative Designs 6-Lug Chrome Wheel Sale*
*Quantities are limited. Wheels are mid offset for older 6-lug Cadillac Escalade, Chevy and GM models.
Tires, accessories, shipping and handling extra. Please call for special pricing on wheel and tire packages.
20 inch alloy wheels Chevy Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado Custom Wheels

Waynes's Wheels offers a wide variety of custom wheels, chrome wheels and truck wheels from top name brands like
Giovanna Wheels, Asanti Wheels, Lexani Wheels, American Racing Wheels, Gear Alloy Wheels and more. Looking to
enhance the appearance and preformance of your vehicle? Wayne's Wheels a variety of large diameter wheel sizes.
Check out our 20 inch alloy wheels for your Chevy Silverado and our great selection of Chevy Silverado 22 rims. Looking
for a great set of Chevy truck custom wheels. We offer a variety of unique finishes to compliment the looks of your vehicle
including chrome wheels, black wheels, polished wheels and painted wheels. We also offer a wide variety of Chevrolet
Silverado tires, Chevrolet Silverado parts and Chevy Silverado Accessories.
Custom wheels, chrome wheels, truck wheels, custom truck wheels and black wheels for Chevrolet Silverado.
Chevrolet Silverado parts and Chevy Silverado accessories to dress your truck.
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~ Application Guide Disclaimer ~
This application guide serves as a reference guide only for professional installers. The information provided in this applicaton guide is accurate to the best of our knowledge.
The installer must alsways physically check all fitments before and after installing custom wheels and/or wheel and tire packages. All wheels should be accurately test fitted
on both front and rear axles of the vehicle before mounting the tire. Custom wheels that have been mounted may not be returned for credit.

We do not warranty, guarantee or make any claims with respect to data provided in this application guide and we cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages
or costs incurred as a result of using this application guide.
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