Asanti AF-825
Brushed and Blue

Asanti AF-825 Brushed and Blue Wheels
Asanti AF-825 Multi-Piece
Brushed and Blue Custom Wheels
AVAILABLE SIZES: 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32
Asanti luxury wheels deliver unique designs with advanced
custom finish options. With exquisite looks, elegant designs
and impeccable quality, Asanti forged wheels are the most
sought after custom wheels available on the market today.
Asanti wheels are made from piremium aluminum materials
and forged with ultimate attention to detail that set standards
no other aftermarket wheel company can reach.
Asanti forged wheels are well known all over the world for
design and durability. The flawless quality of Asanti wheels
lies in the forging process which modifies the molecular
structure of the metal by the combination of pressure and
heat applied to a wheel. The first stage starts by heating a
billet alloy and squeezing it into a forging press. Depending
on the wheel type (monoblock, 2-piece, or 3-piece), the next
steps can vary. After the final design is achieved, the wheel
is given a perfect finish. As forging involves enormous
pressures, the material becomes extremely compact,
eliminating voids or porosity that leads to cracking and
corrosion. The dense structure enables Asanti forged wheels
to maintain their luster for longer periods compared to cast
Asanti luxury wheels are available in over 60 designs with
endless combinations of colors and finishes. Asanti deliveres
the most popular chrome wheels and black rims as well as
your choice of custom colors to match your vehicle or your
mood making Asanti the perfect choice for those seeking
excelence without compromise. Celebrities say that Asanti
custom wheels have it all. Luxurious looks and outstanding
quality, trend-setting designs and skillful craftsmanship make
Asanti wheels the symbol of class for celebrities as well as
the most serious automotive enthusiasts. In sizes ranging
from 18" to 32" diameters Asanti makes the right size set of
custom wheels to match your vehicle specifications.
Call us now to speak to one of our Asanti luxury wheel
specialist today so you can begin enjoying the luxurious
lifestyle that Asanti wheels will bring to your vehicle.
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