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Pink Wheels and Pink Custom Wheels

Custom Color Wheels at Affordable Prices

 Custom Pink Rockstar Wheels by KMC Wheels 
Color matching your new custom wheels to your vehicle has become one of the most popular trends for both street cars and
show cars. Most custom wheels can be custom painted or powder coated to match, blend and accent your vehicle. Black
wheels look great on black cars, trucks and SUVs, but black wheels also look good on white cars and trucks, as well as other
color vehicles. With white vehicles now dominationating the roads, white wheels are bound to be the next evolution of custom
wheels. White Diamond Wheels has taken this direction of custom wheels and added a twist: white custom wheels with color.

Now you can match or accent your vehicle with a variety of new mulitple colored wheels like snow white with red,
white with blue, or white wheels with black and vise versa.
New White Diamond
Pink and Black
Custom Wheels
17x7.5 > $369 set!
18x8.0 > $399 set!
fits most popular 5-lug
high-offset FWD applications
tires, lug nuts, shipping extra
More Pink Wheels and Pink Custom Wheels Coming Soon ~~
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